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NG Solutions  works with other professional legal organizations who share the same mission and passion to serve and better the legal community.  NG Solutions endorses and highly recommends Creative Legal Education for all of your continued education needs. 

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 E-Discovery Matters

ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY and cloud-based document management services makes e-discovery a practically unavoidable element of litigation.  Managing discoverable electronically stored information, as a result, carries its own added costs and considerations. Not every case needs or would benefit from the services offered by an e-discovery vendor, in some instances, can save a client money and save its counsel information management headaches.

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Liar, Liar Brain of Fire

SUPPOSE THERE WAS A MACHINE available for use during a trail that alerted the jury when a witness was lying. Would the use of this machine help or hinder the jury's analysis of the facts? Would its use promote justice, avoiding unfair treatment of cases?

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