legal solutions

NG Solutions   provides legal support services designed with your business in mind. We are here to assist you in overcoming the obstacles to business growth, competition, and expansion. Partnering with us will allow your firm to compete on a higher level, land more clients, and take on larger cases.

Legal Services

  • Trial/Litigation Support: preparing pretrial submissions, demonstrative exhibits and providing tech courtroom assistance.
  • Trial Presentation Services: provide evidence presentation support during trial, including TrialPad presentation expertise. See Trial By iPad for more information. 
  • Paralegal Services: paralegal support provided at your office, on location, or remotely.
  • Document Analysis & Coding: review of documents in paper or electronic formats; including privilege and discovery review. 
  • Medical Records Review: summarize medical records, isolate and evaluate legal medical issues.
  • Discovery Services: paralegal support though all stages of discovery ranging from initial stages of collection and production responses to complex computer forensics and data management. 
  • Data Management & Hosting: data processing, management and hosted review.

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